Year of Mercy

"Mercy is an action that comes from the goodness of God..."
"Mercy works: protecting, tolerating, bringing life, and healing, and all is from the tenderness of love..."
Mother Julian of Norwich; Revelations (14th Century)

The school choir performed to patients and their relatives on the cancer wards and clinics at Aintree Hospital. They brought love and compassion in abundance to all involved.
Patients were greatly moved and many felt filled with peace and hope at a very difficult time.


Choir at

Aintree Hospital

Rebuilding Nepal

Staff, parents and children empathise with the victims of the Nepal earthquake.
Some facts:

  • 2.8 million people displaced.

  • 5.6 million other people affected.

  • 473,000 houses destroyed.

  • 5000 schools destroyed and 16,000 need repair

£ 1,500 raised so far.

It is vital that Nepal's children go back to school. Normality and the feeling of being in a safe place will help them.
Blessed Sacrament Catholic Primary school has pledged £3000 to help complete building work. We will also be making on line connections once the infrastructure has been restored. We have teamed up with the charity "In Your Hands" and the Children Helping Children campaign. Every penny raised goes directly to OUR school in Ghorka.



Pilgrimage - A prayful journey

Pope Francis has asked us to go on pilgrimage, if we can, during the Year of Mercy.
• A pilgrimage is a prayerful journey which people make to a special place, sometimes a special church. The idea of pilgrimage is especially powerful in the light of the current migration crisis. More people than ever before in human history are now on forced journeys far from home. This pilgrimage is a way for us to show solidarity with all those fleeing war, poverty and persecution in our world. Along the way, we will reflect, “Who is my neighbour?”

All children made a prayer journey in school and all children and adults working in school sent a prayer of hope and welcome to those seeking sanctuary.


Children and Parents at  Blessed Sacrament again demonstrate their compassion and generosity during Harvest time.
800 items of groceries were delivered to The Sisters of Charity in Seel Street. They were delighted to receive them to continue their good work feeding the homeless in Liverpool City Centre.
The sisters were delighted to attend Assemblies and tell the children how their order was founded by Mother Teresa.


Laudate Si

Year 4 children learnt all about life cycles but didn't forget to be guardians of our common home.

They returned safely, all the froglets to their pond and gave thanks.



"We must protect creation

for it is a gift which

the Lord has given us,

it is gods present to us;

we are the guardians of Creation."

Pope Francis


Laudate Si

The Pope has made an appeal for us to be protectors of our common home. (the world)

This is a topic which the children have fully embraced.

 They have all been involved in the "Big Tidy Up" and visits to the farm to learn about God's wonderful creation.