At Blessed Sacrament we are committed to providing additional facilities beyond the normal school day. 


An extended school is open to pupils and their families throughout the school day, before and after school hours. 

The services offered by our school include childcare and learning and some recreational activities for all members of our school community. 

At Blessed Sacrament we recognise the need to work in partnership with other agencies (such as health and children's services) to help children and young people achieve their full potential. 

We recognise the need to find the best way to help individual pupils to learn, by looking at both the pupil's learning needs and by overcoming barriers to learning that may come from outside of school. 

Having easier access to multi - disciplinary teams supports both our pupils and teachers. 

Pupils benefit through early support so that these problems do not get in the way of their learning.

Extended Services

@ Blessed Sacrament



@ Blessed Sacrament

Take a look at all the fun activities our children

experience throughout the year!

Our school is open 34 weeks a year from 8am till 5:45pm


We offer:


Breakfast Club from 8am every morning

30 Hour Offer (Nursery) 8:45am - 3:15pm

After School club until 5:45pm every afternoon

All payments for Extended Services must be paid online via SIMs Agora, alternatively you can call into the office for a barcode which can be used to access payment. We ask that all payments are made in advance of your child attending Extended Services.


If you need more information you can download the information booklet here or pop into the school office at anytime.