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Reading Information for all Pupils

Reading Expectation


Reading Plus must be accessed for a minimum of 90 minutes per week.


In school, we use three 30 minute sessions as we find it is more beneficial to progress. 


Additionally, children should be reading daily.


There are several ways that your children can practice orally rereading text, including student–adult reading, choral reading, partner reading, and readers' theatre:

  • In student–adult reading, the student reads one-on-one with an adult. The adult reads the text first, providing the students with a model of fluent reading. Then the student reads the same passage to the adult with the adult providing assistance and encouragement. 

  • For choral reading, choose a book that is not too long and that you think is at the independent reading level of most students. Patterned or predictable books are particularly useful for choral reading, because their repetitious style invites students to join in. Begin by reading the book aloud as you model fluent reading.

  • In partner reading, paired students take turns reading aloud to each other. For partner reading, more fluent readers can be paired with less fluent readers. The stronger reader reads a paragraph or page first, providing a model of fluent reading. Then the less fluent reader reads the same text aloud. The stronger student gives help with word recognition and provides feedback and encouragement to the less fluent partner. The less fluent partner rereads the passage until he or she can read it independently.

  • In readers' theatre, students rehearse and perform a play for others. Children can use books rich in dialogue. This also supports their understanding. 

Oxford Owl also has a wealth of reading resources available to you and some fantastic blogs on subjects such as how to engage reluctant readers.