Nurture Base

Information about Nurture in our school:

Our Nurture team consists of:

Mrs McKenna (Learning Mentor)

Mrs Moran (Learning Mentor)

We  deliver the following groups in Nurture:

  • Whole class circle time

  • SAP - Student Assistance Programme

  • Nurture Lunch Clubs

We are also trained to deliver:

  • 1:1 Support

  • Sensory

  • Self Esteem

  • Circle of friends

  • ASD Support Groups

  • Family Groups

  • Assertiveness

  • Small group Circle Time

  • Social skills

  • Bereavement

  • Social Conduct

  • Transition

Useful Information for Parents/Carers



YPAS - Self Injury Groups

YPAS - Under 10's, Counselling, Play and Art Therapy Service

YPAS - Counselling & Psychotherapy Service (Aged 10 - 15 years)

YPAS - Incredible Years Parent Programme

YPAS - Systemic Family Practice Service

YPAS - Anger Awareness Group Programme

YPAS - Seedlings

CAMHS - Merseyside Youth Association:

CAMHS - Child Adolescent Mental Health Services

Liverpool Autism Training Team:

Healthy Families

Schools Family Support Service

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