Welcome to Phase 2

Hello. I am Mrs Jones, Phase 2 leader.

Phase 2 consists of three year groups: Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3. We work hard to prepare all of the children for the demands of the curriculum and support them as they become independent, resilient learners. We support all children as they transition from EYFS to Year 1 and again as they continue their learning as a junior school pupil.  We enjoy teaching a range of subjects and provide numerous opportunities for our learning to continue outside of the classroom.  We also support children as they prepare to take important statutory assessments such as Phonics screening in Year 1 and SATS in Year 2.

Our vision in Phase 2 is to enable all children to use their talents and interests  to achieve and make progress. We aim to create well–rounded children who love to learn.

I am looking forward to seeing you about our school and working with your children in the coming year.

Thank you for your continued support.

Daily routine

The gates to both yards open from 8:40 daily and all children should be lined up by 5 to 9.

Whenever possible, we try to teach all core subjects in the mornings, such as English, Maths, Reading and Spelling or Phonics.

Playtime is at 10:40 and all children have a 15 minute break. Milk and fruit is available for children in Years 1 and 2 and children in Year 3 are encouraged to bring in a healthy snack (fruit).

All children are encouraged to bring in a water bottle to drink throughout the day. Please remember this should only contain plain water. (No fruit juice or flavoured water please).

Lunchtime is 12-1 and we do not have a break in the afternoon. There are often clubs running at lunchtimes, such as school council, eco -team and choir. 

During the afternoon sessions we further develop our reading and number skills by completing activities such as: Reading Plus in Year 3, Fluent reading and Fast Maths. We also deliver our foundation subjects and RE.

Mrs Jones

Each year group also has a resource area, which are themed around our current Creative Curriculum topic. You may see areas which include, rockets,  seaside, volcanoes or even the African plains! Children can take part in many different activities such as role-play, reading, art and writing activities.


Year 1 and 2 finish at 3:15 and are collected from their classroom doors .

Year 3 children are collected via the pathway to the Parent Pod at 15:25 with the exception of 3H who are to be collected from the main Junior entrance.

3H main entrance

3Mc from their classroom door

3S from their classroom door

3M from the After School Club entrance


All children in Phase 2 are given weekly homework and may be given an additional piece of homework based on the topic they have been doing in class.

All Year groups will bring home a piece of Maths and English homework every Friday. This should be completed and returned to school the following Thursday.

As and when required they may also being home additional spellings, number facts or phonics to practise at home.

These tasks will be linked to your child’s learning in school. Please support them when necessary to complete these tasks. Homework is often marked with your child so please help them to return it on the correct day.

Reading Books

All children are encouraged to read at home each day. Their reading record will be checked weekly in school and we ask that you support your child by indicating whenever your child has read. 

Children in Years 1 and 2 will have their reading books changed each Monday. However they may be heard reading during the week so please ensure their reading books and record are sent into school each day.

Year 3 will have their reading books changed daily as required. They also have access to Reading Plus at home. This programme specifically targets reading fluency and provides opportunities for them to respond to a range of texts.

P.E lessons

Children must bring their PE kit in to school for all PE lessons – red shorts, white t-shirt and suitable footwear. Physical Education is a very important part of the school curriculum, so children who do not bring in kit will be provided with one by the school for the session.

If for any medical reason your child cannot take part in PE lessons, a note must be provided. All children have 2 PE lessons a week, so we encourage children to bring their PE kit into school on Mondays and take it home on Fridays. Each child in Phase 2 will have one of their PE lessons taught by Mr Murphy or another sports coach.


Year 1 and 2S – Wednesday morning

Year 2 – Thursday morning

Year 3- Wednesday morning

We are a Spanish Centre of Excellence and our children enjoy working with the Spanish teachers. They quickly acquire new language skills through participating in a range of songs, rhymes and games.


An assembly takes place every Friday at 2:30.These alternate each week between a pastoral assembly and a merit assembly. Parents are welcome to join us to both.

Children also participate in daily Collective Worship sessions.