We are very proud of the children in our school for a range of reasons but not least the high standard of presentation. They arrive at school looking bright and cheery in their pristine uniforms and we are very grateful to all parents and carers for taking such care and attention.


On the formation of our new school the children designed a wonderful new badge which is a feature on our polo shirts, sweat shirts and sweat cardigans, book bags and PE kits. The badges on polo shirts and sweat shirts are compulsory as part of our Safeguarding Policy. The badge particularly helps us to identify children when we attend events outside school and on school trips.


Children are also required to wear black, sensible school shoes and for the younger children they must have footwear with velcro fastenings.


Hair should be plain with no dye, lines or patterns.

Nursery and Reception:


Red jogging pants.

School red polo shirt with badge.

School red sweatshirt or cardigan with badge.

Red PE shorts and white school t-shirt with badge.

Trainers with velcro.

In the summer children can wear school red shorts

Years One, Two, Three, Four, Five and Six:


Dark grey trousers, skirts or pinafores.

(Girls may wear trousers)

School red polo shirt with badge.

School red sweatshirt or cardigan with badge.

Red PE shorts, white school t-shirts with badge and pumps.


In the summer: pupils can also wear red gingham dresses

or dark grey shorts.


Both boys and girls must wear sensible, black school shoes.

No Trainers are allowed.

All children to wear either black or white socks.


There is an optional outdoor PE kit; these are usually worn by the older children for outdoor PE lessons and those who represent the school at netball, football or cross country.



Mr. C. Davey


Mrs E Crist 

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